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On-premises pricing

50% Off

On-Premises Edition




All the advantages of the Desktop version now available for servers. The best value for larger teams!

50% Off

On-Premises Edition

Volume license


We provide custom quotes for volume licensing purchase. Let us know about your project and we’ll give you an offer tailored to your needs!

Cloud pricing

PDF Reducer Cloud is powered by PassportPDF.

For the purchase, you will be redirected to the PassportPDF website.


2,000 Monthly tokens



6,000 Monthly tokens

$2900 / month


15,000 Monthly tokens

$5900 / month


45,000 Monthly tokens

$12900 / month


120,000 Monthly tokens

$24900 / month


450,000 Monthly tokens

$69900 / month

How many tokens are used to process a document?

  • when the file is loaded: 1 token is charged per 10 MB.
  • 5 tokens are charged to compress the file.
  • if the MRC compression option is enabled, 4 additional tokens are charged.
  • 1 token is charged to save the file.

In other words, for a file below 10 MB, either 7 (without MRC compression) or 11 tokens (with MRC compression) are charged.

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From small to large volume processing, for a limited time or a more extended period, we can work on a Custom offer with you.

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