Please find below answers to the most frequent pre-sales, sales and technical questions asked by the PDF Reducer users.

To get started, download the software from the website here.
You will need to choose the right edition: if you want to test PDF Reducer, download the Cloud Edition.
If you have purchased a commercial edition, download the corresponding package: On-Premises Desktop or On-Premises Server.
Once you’ve downloaded the software, you just need to start the installer and follow the installation process.
Voilà !
To have a quick overview of the differences between the Cloud and On-Premises Editions, you can check the comparison matrix.
The On-Premises Editions of PDF Reducer are distributed in two versions: one for desktop and one for server. If you need to use PDF Reducer On-Premises Edition on a single computer, the Desktop version is for you. Companies and organizations that want to use PDF Reducer on one server machine can choose the Server version.
The download package of the On-Premises Edition includes a 30 days free trial. The free trial starts at the first use of the software. When the trial expires you will need to enter a commercial key to keep using the product. If you need an extension of the evaluation, please send us a message here and we will send you a trial key.
Owners of a commercial edition can contact the technical team and get priority support by opening an account on the Helpdesk.
All users, including PDF Reducer Cloud Edition users, can contact the team on the public forum.
To use PDF Reducer in command lines, please read the tutorial on the forum.
The command line feature is included in the On-Premises Editions (Desktop and Server).
To get a quote, please use the Quick Contact Form available on our website.
Our sales team will be happy to help.
To place an order you have two possibilities: you can order directly on the website via the online store, or you can use the Quick Contact Form to get a quote and the corresponding banking information to make a wire transfer.
For volume license requests, please use the Quick Contact Form to send your information and the sales team will issue a quote tailored to your needs.