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PDF Reducer Press Releases

ORPALIS Adds Microsoft PowerPoint Support to its SDK and Applications

ORPALIS is pleased to release support for a new Office format, Microsoft PowerPoint, for its toolkits for developers, APIs, and applications.

Muret, France, March 3rd, 2020

The PowerPoint format is popular since the late 1990s, and according to industry and academic sources, it owns 95 percent of the presentation software market share. Presentations often need to be shared and archived by organizations, so the need for conversion and long-term archiving tools retaining layout is essential.

PPTX is part of Microsoft Office Open XML specification (also known as OOXML or OpenXML) and was introduced with Office 2007. Since Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 PPTX is the default file format when creating a new presentation.

Toolkits for Developers

Like all other Office formats, PPTX support in GdPicture.NET is thread-safe and independent of applications like MS PowerPoint and

PPTX support in GdPicture.NET includes viewing, previewing, printing, converting to searchable PDF and image formats, while preserving layout, fonts, and style.

GdPicture.NET is bundled with DocuVieware SDK for ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Web Forms, and ASP.NET MVC.

PPTX support in DocuVieware includes collaborative features like annotations and comments. Files are displayed in the viewer and the thumbnails in real-time. Document navigation and zooming in the presentation slides is smooth and easy.

Productivity Applications

PPTX belongs to the list of supported formats in PaperScan Scanning Software, ORPALIS PDF Reducer, and ORPALIS PDF OCR.


PassportPDF is a cloud ecosystem offering microservices to simplify PDF and electronic document management. Users will find PPTX support is included both in the REST API and the web application AvePDF.