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Other Apps

We also develop several other productivity applications to process and manage electronic documents. Scan, annotate, perform OCR, and optimize your PDF and images with PaperScan, PDF OCR, and MRC Compressor.

Powerful TWAIN & WIA Scanning Application

PaperScan Scanner Software is centered on one idea: making document acquisition an unparalleled easy task for anyone. Powerful. Convenient. With OCR, color detection, file importing and annotation support.

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Fast Document to PDF OCR Conversion Tool

Very simple way to convert any document to searchable PDF. The fastest OCR software on the market to convert documents into PDF/OCR. Includes an innovative layout analysis feature.

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MRC Compressor for Windows

MRC Compressor is an image to PDF conversion app which uses a sophisticated compression technology called MRC (Mixed Raster Content). It offers an outstanding file size reduction of documents without adversely affecting their quality or colors.

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